PIPO: Not just another company formation

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JRaphael Corporate Consulting has seen many different company formations in the past year.  In 2019, our advisors have helped open companies and bank accounts in the following sectors:

  • Financial Technology
  • Consulting
  • Marketing & Development
  • Online Gaming

Recently, the wonderful team at Pipo asked us to take a look at their new innovative investment product. We relished the challenge at finding the most optimal jurisdiction for this fresh startup and ultimately; a perfect company structure.

We started by looking at their financial process and how they would be able to leverage the use of their Ethereum-backed tokens. Following a KYC process, we utilized our networks of trusted banking providers to find an optimal partner for their operations.

We enjoyed the challenge that we faced when dealing with Pipo. We firmly believe in companies that are looking to disrupt industries, we see it as our duty to step up and make the unknown a smooth and painless experience.

Here’s more about Pipo:

What is the goal of Pipo?

We’ve all heard the expression, “the best investments are those made in people”. There are a lot of people around us that could well be the next big thing – So why can’t we invest in the people we believe in?. That’s why we built Pipo.

The purpose of Pipo is to connect talented people with the investment they need to fund their talents and to introduce investors to a global marketplace for investing in people.


Why Is PIPO Innovative?

Pipo is the first company to create a new type of crowdfunding – People crowdfunding.

After 12 years of market proof (and $22B market size) for three types of crowdfunding platforms – rewards crowdfunding for projects, donation crowdfunding for charity causes, and equity crowdfunding for startups, Pipo is the first crowdfunding for people.

  • Pipo is the only platform that is about people rather than projects or start-ups.
  • Pipo is a unique platform that creates cash benefits + a transparent social contract.
  • Talented individuals (we call them Pipsters) can go public just like companies do, build their pips (shares), and attract investors.

Who is PIPO For?

Building a career is expensive. Education, training, finding opportunities and equipment cost a lot of money. Pipo enables talented people to raise money from friends, family and their social network in return for shares in their future success.

The practice of people marketing themselves and their careers online has now become an accepted and significant part of life for most people. Crowdfunding has opened investing to everyone.

Now we can invest in the people we believe in:

  • Talented individuals (they are called Pipsters) can go public just like companies do, create their pips (shares), and attract investors.
  • Pipsters pay givebacks (dividends) every month, quarter or whenever they reach a significant milestone.
  • Investors and Pipsters form a mutually beneficial relationship, based on transparent incentives.

Why now?

Crowdfunding has become the investment route of choice for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, project-champions, and cause-advocates around the world.

The freelance economy is becoming mainstream.

According to financial software firm Intuit, 40% of the workforce will be freelance by 2020; Now It’s the time for a global marketplace for investing in talented individuals.

What are some of the incentives on the platform?

  • Cash investment to fund their talent
  • Financial Bonus Each time pip price reached a new high
  • A Supportive community, invested in their success

A Return on investment through:

  • Givebacks from the Pipster or Pip-Sale
  • Play a part in the success of someone they believe in

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about exciting and different company structures and ideas. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you form companies such as Pipo; schedule a no-obligation call with us today.