Bulgaria LLC

Formation of Holding Limited Liability Company (OOD) in Bulgaria


Basic Company Requirements:

Company Name 
The trade name of a company shall contain the extension “Druzhestvo s Ogranichena Otgovornost” (Limited Liability Company) or the abbreviation “OOD”. Should all the capital be owned by one person, the trade name shall contain the extension “Ednolichno OOD” (Single Person Limited Liability Company). 

The limited liability company is founded or owned by one or more persons. A shareholder can be a physical or legal person of any nationality. 

Share Capital 
The share capital should be placed in a special capital-raising bank account opened for this purpose. The minimum authorized capital is BGN 2 (€1). 


A Company shall be represented by the manager. Where several managers have been appointed each one of them may act independently, unless the articles provide otherwise. The minimum number of directors is one. There is no requirement to have director-resident of Bulgaria. The director of an LLC in Bulgaria must be individual, no legal entities permitted. 

Registered Office And Local Agent/Secretary 
Every company is required to have a registered office and address in Bulgaria which should be notified at the Commercial Register. 

The General Meeting of shareholders is a supreme management body of OOD. Each shareholder has voting rights equal to their share stake. 

Incorporation Time 
Usually around 10 business days. 

Basic Tax Notes
A companies registered in Bulgaria can have advantage of the favorable tax system. The country boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates in EU – 10% flat rate. The simplicity of the tax system makes calculations very easy further decreasing your administrative costs. All that combined with lower labor costs mounts up to significant cost savings. Statistics show that our clients decrease their administrative and tax expenses with more than 20% on annual basis.

  • Corporate tax – 10 % of the net profit per year;
  • Dividend tax – 5%;
  • VAT – 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT;
  • Personal income tax – 10%.