International Trademark Registration

A Trademark is a form of intellectual property protection. Certain symbols, names, words, or devices that are used in connection with a good or service can be protected under trademark laws. Trademarks allow your company to indicate the source of your goods or services and distinguish them from others providing similar goods or services. 

What Do Trademarks Do?

A trademark not only gives the trademark owner the exclusive right to use the mark, but also allows the owner to prevent others from using a similar mark that can be confusing for the general public. A trademark cannot, however, prevent another person or company from making or selling the same goods or service under a clearly different mark. Rights to a mark can be established through the legitimate use of the mark in a commercial or business setting.


When a person claims the rights to a particular mark, they are allowed to use “TM” (for a trademark) and “SM” (for a service mark) to designate that the mark is trademarked.


If you have a logo, slogan or word combination you would like to trademark, we, at JRaphael Corporate Consulting Limited, can surely assist you with the process internationally.